There is no doubt that this IS the best offering Samsung has at the moment, no question about it.  But does it have what it takes to make every consumer want it?

My time with the Galaxy S8 Plus has been great, and I plan to hold on to this just as long as I’ve had my current S7 (since it launched).  This phone has a beautiful display, and a wonderful camera on the rear.  I’ve found many things I think Samsung could have done differently, but they don’t outweigh the good in this device.


  • Screen
  • Camera (rear)
  • Battery life
  • Performance (also a con)
  • Build Quality and design
  • Iris Scanner
  • Water Proofing
  • Fast Wireless Charging
  • Speaker (could be a con for some)


  • Touch Wiz (still laggy at times)
  • Price
  • Front camera not the greatest

Samsung has shown us in the past, that they can do wonderful things FIRST.  But I feel like they are not producing, based on the hype of this device.  The phone feels good in the hand, but can be too big at times.  The cameras are really solid, but can easily be beat out or matched by phones that cost half or less.  Battery life is good, but again can been beat out by other phones with the similar specs.  The display is CRAZY nice, and Samsung is a pro at that.  However, there are 1080p screens and other 2k screen I feel look better.

The thing is, there is good and bad in every smartphone.  This phone is no exception.  Samsung loyalist will tell you it’s the best.  Everyone else in the real world, will tell you it’s just good…but not the best.  This is totally up to the user, but I do not rank this phone as number one.  It’s priced at $850 for carriers, and $825 for the unlocked version I have.  For those prices, I want a bigger battery and no curved screen.

Bixby is to me, nothing more than a mistake…along with the placement of the fingerprint reader.  Good thing for me, I can use the iris scanner with success nearly 99% of the time.  I actually thought I would not like the iris scanner, but it’s my go to way at unlocking this device.  It does charge really fast, and can also do so wirelessly.

Samsung didn’t put the nail deep enough in the coffin this time, but I’m sure the up and coming Galaxy Note 8 will do the trick for me.  I’m hopeful, video at the break.

J. Williams

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