Well, it’s been a lot of fun using the Samsung Galaxy S8 as my daily device, but it’s time to try the big brother.  The Galaxy S8+

The Galaxy S8 has been so nice, and it still is.  I’ve done lots of coverage on the S8, and I’m here to tell you that it is a great device.  The body of the phone is just right, with size that is.  I’m not a fan of the curved screen, but it makes the phone smaller.  From the cameras, to the screen, it’s just amazing.  The design of the phone is superior to many others out there!


I’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new Samsung Galaxy S8+, and the suspense is starting to get to me.  My plan was to wait for the unlocked version (exynos model), and go that route.  However, the US unlocked version went up for sale on Samsung.com and Bestbuy.com, so I grabbed it from Sammy directly like I did my S8.  The Galaxy S8+ from what I’m being told is the BEST device on the market right now, and I’m going to find out.

Samsung has done right by their customers, by giving them FREE things to entice them to buy the new devices.  I’m a sucker for free things too.  So with my S8+, I got the free case, 64GB SD Card, and the 6 months free of Netflix.  Watching Netflix on the S8+ should be a joy!  I’m curious about how I will feel on the size of the S8+, because it is a little bigger than the S8, and will take up more room in my pocket.  None the less, I’m hopeful I will get the same great experience I did with the S8.

The S8+ is gonna offer a few more things that the S8…

  • Bigger Battery
  • Better viewer pleasures
  • Bigger Screen
  • Wider body

Other than those things, I can’t think of how it’s much different.  The phone looks stunning, and I’m sure it will be a pleasure to use.

samsung-dex-galaxy-s8-5Now aside from using the S8+ going forward, I also got the Samsung Dex!  YES, I got it.  I’m super excited to try this device, because I’ve seen nothing but positives about it.  While it is on the expensive side, coming in at $149 smacks…it’s gonna be a GREAT addition to my fun filled tech life.  I can easily see myself using this in my hotel rooms, instead of taking a full blown laptop with me.  I mean, when I’m on the go traveling…I don’t even use them like I thought I would.  So Dex should solve for this issue. It’s very portable, and can also do Microsoft Word, which is one that I use daily.  Having to NOT take so many things with me while traveling, is going to be a great.

I’m going to try my best to not turn on my Mac or PC once I get the Dex, just to find out if it can replace those two for the basics.  Notice how I said the basics?  I don’t know that Dex can replace your laptop or MacBook, however it probably can really bring some peace of mind to the person who can’t really spend much on a new computer.  Just grab a keyboard, mouse, and HDMI 2.0 cable.  Then everywhere you go, you’ll be able to plug into any TV or monitor with HDMI.  There is your PC on the go, thanks Sammy.

So for now, I’m ready to see what the next BIG thing is from Samsung, because I’m sure until the Note 8 comes…this is it.