Monday’s Smartphone News!

We all know that the new iPhone will be a hit, and people WILL buy it.  However, Apple might be stepping out on a limb here by changing the design.  Will it be received by the masses, or will it get overlooked?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active will for sure hit the US shores, but will it only go to AT&T again?  The history Samsung has with the active line of phones has always been limited to one carrier, AT&T.  I have hopes that Samsung will wise up, and make the right choice this year.

The Moto Z Play was one of the BEST smartphones in 2016, and is still considered by many one of the best today.  With great battery life, and a beautiful design it’s a sure thing.  However, it looks like Moto/Lenovo has made a change that seems to be scaring some people.  A smaller battery, 3000mAh to be exact.  That’s the rumor right now, but I don’t see it as an issue.  Time and time again, I’ve used phones with small batteries.  They all don’t give poor battery life, and I don’t think the new Moto Z2 Play will either.

With all the rumors surrounding the upcoming OnePlus 5 (if that’s the name), things are heating up again.  So many leaks, I can’t keep up.  I will say, based on what I’m seeing online…this might be another hit for those that like the OnePlus line of devices.


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