So there is no doubt, lots of people are waiting on the Note line from Samsung to come back strong.  But what if they don’t give us what we want?  What if they play it safe?

I would personally want Sammy to go HARD! I mean bring the thunder to all these other OEM’s that have tried to make a phone like the Note Series.  What do I mean, well take a look at my specs below.

Say hello to the 2017 Samsung Galaxy Note

  • 6.4 inch screen in the right body and design!
  • No curved screen
  • 6GB’s of DDR4 RAM
  • 128GB/256GB ROM options
  • Upgraded cameras, with wide angle option
  • Exynos Processor 8995/9000 series (coming soon)
  • Rear fingerprint in the center
  • Iris scanner
  • Black & Red option for color
  • No glass back, MATTE finish (YES I KNOW, NO WIRELESS CHARGING)
  • Waterproofing
  • 4k display (REAL 4k, not a dumbed down version
  • 4500mAh Battery
  • Top and Bottom mounted speakers (not on the screen area, on the frame of the phone)  Adding another speaker to the top of the phone, like the one on the bottom.

Samsung can do ALL of this, but I don’t think they will.  Samsung has an entire line of phones that are not available in the US, but they appear to be GREAT!  The A line and the C line are nice looking devices, and basically offer just as much as the phones offered here, but at a much lower cost.

Samsung needs to make their mark with the Note line again, and not allow fear to stop their success. The Note line is superior to nearly every phone on the marker that has a big screen, or some kind of pen input.  So why would they slack off on the next model of the Note line? A part of me feels like Samsung will place it safe, and give us the same old thing. i.e.  4GB/64GB RAM/ROM, 3600mAh battery, and make the phone look like an overgrown S8 with an S-Pen.  But I’m hoping, that DEEP down inside…someone sitting on that board or directors grabs them and let’s them go!  Give the Note line what it needs, a serious BOOST like it did when you first launched it Sammy.

The first Galaxy Note had that WOW factor, now all we see is small upgrades..and price increases. That’s not what we want or need.  We need the Note line to STAND OUT from the crowd.

So what if Samsung does go hard and give us what we REALLY want?  Will you be the first in line?  If they play it safe, and just give us an upgraded version of the S8+.  What do you think this will do for Samsung Galaxy Note lovers?