When new phones come out, the older models get discounts.  Major discounts.  Right now you can find the Exynos model of the Galaxy S7 for under $500 on B&H Photo, which is a GREAT deal.

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The Galaxy S7 was release last year, and it hit the ground running.  Samsung always brings out some of the best hardware, and cameras on a device.  The screens on Samsung phones are just amazing, and not very many OEMs can make a better one.  However, when it comes to devices that are older…Samsung phones do very well over time.

I’ve been using the Galaxy S7 since it launched, and I’ve yet to have any major issues with the device.  The build quality is really solid, and has held up great.  With options like waterproofing, and wireless charging on board…it’s done well.  I do not use wireless charging, but I have gotten the phone wet on several occasions.  The phone still functions like new, and is doing well.  The battery life on the S7 has gotten a little better with the 7.0 update, and holds steady around 5 hours of screen on time.   Battery will last me a couple of days, with moderate usage.

The cameras on the Galaxy S7 are by far some of the best, if not THE best on any smartphone.  I currently use the Galaxy S7 as my main camera for all of my YouTube content, and it does exceptionally well.  In pretty much ANY lighting situation, it can handle it.

With the Galaxy S8 about to come into play, it will interesting to find out how it will stand up against it’s newer sibling.  None the less, this phone is still worth every penny.  I’d highly recommend it over several phones on the market today, video at the break.