Did the US market get the short end of the stick?


The Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the most wanted phones right now, especially the Exynos version. The specs on it are pretty much the same, however it will have a more powerful processor and more RAM. 6GB and the 8895 processor, coupled with 128GB of ROM!

It’s a well-known fact, that the Exynos processor performs better than the snapdragon processor.  Sadly Samsung will not ring their Exynos processor devices to the US, for whatever reason we don’t know. This model of the Samsung Galaxy S8 would do very well in the US, as it will perform better than the snapdragon 835.

Samsung is known for producing some of the best smart phones on the market, outperforming many others in several categories. If this model is not able to be imported to the US, I think sales of the snapdragon 835 version will still continue to do well.  A lot of people will wait and purchase this version of the Exynos S8, and some will settle for the snapdragon 835.  Often wondered why US carriers never fought for this version.  If they are going to subsidize it on a carrier what difference would it make?  Give customers the option to have what could be considered the best option, even if it would cost $100 more.

samsung-dex-galaxy-s8-5Another thing about this phone, is that it can be used with DEX. A new product that converts your Samsung Galaxy S8 into a computer, which is going to be great for a lot of users. Not just business users. This can be a great option for those that don’t own a computer, or who don’t want to spend lots of money on a laptop as well. Hook it to a monitor, and boom you are all set.

All in all, this phone will NOT be coming to the US. However all is not lost, there is always a way  to get one. You might pay a premium price, but at least you will have what some consider…THE BEST!