Alcatel IDOL 4S with Windows 10 $288, but still not selling?

Where are the Windows 10 fans? I'm sure by now, you all have seen and heard of this device. But why is there no buzz about it? At launch, it was priced at nearly $500, but quickly got a price cut. It's been $288 on T-Mobile for quite some time now, and I don't see the price... Continue Reading →


LG G6! Are you buying it?

So with all the hype surrounding the HTC U Ultra, and the Samsung Galaxy S8...what about the LG G6?  The LG G6 on the surface appears to be the ultimate smartphone! I mean look at those specs! 5.7 Quad HD Display 18:9 Dual 13mp Rear cameras (1 Wide angle) 5mp Front camera 4GBs of RAM,... Continue Reading →

Is 30GB of data per month enough?

While I don't use this much data per month on my smartphone, some people still do...and even more in some cases. I personally think this is overkill at this point, because most people should just be on WiFi if they are going to sue this much data per month. However, I do understand that some... Continue Reading →

Samsung Gear S2 Classic 2017 Review

In 2016 Samsung released the Gear S2 Classic, and it hit carriers with a bang.  It appears to have sold very well, and lots of people liked it.  However, I'm not sold on smartwatches fully just yet, and I have many of them. I don't believe the price of a smartwatch should be more than... Continue Reading →

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