So with all the hype surrounding the HTC U Ultra, and the Samsung Galaxy S8…what about the LG G6? 

The LG G6 on the surface appears to be the ultimate smartphone! I mean look at those specs!

  • 5.7 Quad HD Display 18:9
  • Dual 13mp Rear cameras (1 Wide angle)
  • 5mp Front camera
  • 4GBs of RAM, 32/64GB ROM
  • Snapdragon 821 Processor
  • 3300mAh Battery
  • IP68 certified
  • Fingerprint Reader

This device has a footprint of the LG G5, with a very large screen. 80% screen to body ratio according to LG’s website (source down below). I’d say this is a beautiful package, and if priced right could be the smarter purchase that many other phones releasing.

Many people feel as though LG has dropped the ball with a release date close to Samsungs S8 launch, but I don’t think so. The G6 is an amazing looking device, from the reports I’ve seen online is a smart and safe purchase. While it does not have the latest Snapdragon 835 processor, it’s still going to perform well with the snapdragon 821. A tried and true proven processor, that does well under heavy load.

If LG does right by the price, which I feel they will. It will fair well against the competition, as it offers some or most of the things today’s market feels is a must have. I.E. waterproofing, small body, big screen. So the question is…will you be purchasing the LG G6 at launch? Do you think they are going to miss out on sales because of Samsung and the S8? We currently have no hands on time with the S8, because it is not here yet. But when it does release we will see how it goes down.

One thing is for sure, we all know that samsungs greed will have them price the S8 much higher than the G6. All said, the LG G6 is on my radar right now. The fact that the phone is so small, and has a big screen. I’m excited.

My guess is that it will be priced at about $699 to $749, and to me…that’s a good price for the offerings.